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Suwannee River

The Suwannee River arises in the Okefenokee Swamp straddling the Florida-Georgia border. Over 197 pristine fresh water springs and unnumbered creeks and tributaries feed its massive flow. Lying in Florida's Big Bend section between the peninsula and the panhandle, it is one of Nature's dividing lines between subtropical southern Florida and the more conventional northerly environments.
William Bartram was one of the areas earliest naturalists, explorers and writers. In 1791 he wrote of his travels on and about the Little St. Juan's (Little St. Johns), which later became the Suwannee. Throughout its history men have used it as a means of travel, trade and communication. During the 19th century timber men floated huge rafts of hardwoods, pine, cypress and naval stores to be loaded aboard ships in the lower Suwannee. Trading schooners plied its waters bringing goods and, just as eagerly sought, news from the outside. During the Civil War the river was a major port for Confederate supplies. River commerce continued right up to the 1950s when better roads and trucks provided a more efficient means of transport. Today the Suwannee is still one of the most undisturbed major rivers in the country. Most of its traffic and use is recreational. We hope you'll join those of us who love our rivers and help keep it clean and beautiful.
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